Sharon Kasper

Web Designer & Front End Developer

Sketch by Mark Monroy


Victoria's Secret More Info Overlay
Washington Nationals - Natitude
Polar Bear Odyssey

Victoria's Secret

Front End Developer

Refactored Product More Info Overlays.

Live version: Victoria's Secret website. View by selecting any product and clicking on link below sales copy.

Tools used: SASS, HTML5, PHP, SVN, Photoshop.

Marketing Producer

Built out Natitude marketing campaign to excite relatively new fan base. Includes a rotating background image, photo slideshow, lightbox.

Tools used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.

Environmental Defense Fund

Web and Video Producer

Designed and built out Polar Bear Odyssey minisite for EDF membership engagement campaign.

Tools used: HTML, CSS, Photoshop.

Graphic Design

Rebecca book cover

Personal project. My version for a favorite novel.

Scariest Climate Opponents

Part of a slideshow for a EDF fundraising campaign lampooning opponents of action on climate change.

Found Textbook Illustrations

Personal project. It's art, yo.


EDF Donor Welcome
An Earth Day Message of Hope
Gulf of Mexico: Impressions

EDF Donor Welcome

Producer, Editor

Sent to donors as a welcome and introduction to EDF upon making their first donation.

Earth Day

Producer, Editor

Message from EDF on Earth Day. One of their most popular videos.

Gulf of Mexico: Impressions


Documenting EDF's work on the Gulf Coast.